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Sharing “Aloha,” or “Love,” is the key to having a wonderful life. I have learned through out my journey here on earth that the words, ”
“The more you give, the more you get,” is the source of great happiness and wealth.

The “Aloha,” Experiment

Two days before Christmas (12/23/14), I was standing in a long line at a grocery store
when a cashier in the next lane over, was just opening a new line, and motioned me over. I decided to ask the person in front of me to go into the new line before me.
Little did I know, this person was so grateful that she paid for one of my groceries.

Was this a coincidence or proof that sharing “Aloha,” really does work? The day before Thanksgiving day, 1993, a 7 year old boy was walking home from school because his parents forgot that the day before
Thanksgiving was a half day. This young boy decided to walk over to his mom’s working place, but when he came to a busy intersection, he remembered that his parents had told him that he needed adult supervision
to cross an intersection, therefore he proceeded back to the school. By the time he got back to the school, everyone had left. So he started his way back to the busy intersection, just then my mother was watching
this little boy walk up and down our street, not knowing what to do. My mom, knew right away that this little boy was lost, so she took him in, with “Hawaiian Hospitality,” fed him lunch and then took the boy to his Mom’s
working place. The parent’s were so grateful that they gave my mom a turkey that year and every year for 5 years untill my mom passed away in 1999. While my mom was alive, she had mentioned this story to my sister and I,
but we didn’t think anything of it, untill, the little boys parents came to our Mom’s Funeral, and told us to share “Aloha,” like our mom had done for their son. I remember the words of my mother, “Son, you better help people,
otherwise, how can you expect others to help you?”

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